Simplicity Bridge

The Easy Way to Learn to Play Rubber Contract Bridge for Money or Just for Fun

Rubber Contract Bridge in the Student Union

Simplicity Bridge is an ebook which teaches beginning (also called novice) contract rubber bridge, a trick-taking card game often played for money at varying stakes . It is available now for only U.S. $19.95.

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The focus of Simplicity Bridge is 4-deal rubber bridge, Cavendish rather than Chicago vulnerability style. This is the simplest, easiest way to learn what you will find is a very complex, rewarding game which you can play for a lifetime at many different levels including low, moderate, or high stakes money bridge games. The author first learned to play in college, in the student union coffee shop, as shown in the photo above. Use this book to learn in that type of setting, or at home in your kitchen. Bridge is a social game, so you'll need to arouse the interest of at least three friends. (It can be played on the Internet.)

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"You have a nice style of expression that works well with the text.

A blend of humor mixed in with accurate syntex and technical stuff... makes for a good balance!"
Mike Shuman, Professional Bridge Player

"You have a wonderful writing style.

All readers will feel as if they are listening to a bridge teacher conducting a lesson rather than reading a book.

I liked the way you incorporated comments with the bids. The comments were both humorous and very informative."

Julian Laderman, Bridge Columnist and Author of "A Bridge to Simple Squeezes" and "A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play"

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